7 Options to make sure you are getting the reimbursements you deserve as an Amazon Seller

7 Options to make sure you are getting the reimbursements you deserve as an Amazon Seller

In today’s post I am going to be going through all of the different options that I am aware of that can help you recover missing reimbursements as an FBA seller.  The amount of reimbursements you have waiting for you could be very significant.  I will be going through these methods in order from the lowest out of pocket expense to the highest.    

Before we get started, I just want to show you how important it is to go through your reimbursements.  Here’s a screenshot from my account for the month of December 2015.  The screenshot below shows up from my payment summary report (reports > payments > all statements).  The point of showing this particular screenshot is that the bottom number is a fairly normal level of reimbursements for a 2 week period that I receive from Amazon without doing anything.  The top number is the amount of reimbursements that I received after combing through my account to identify missing reimbursements.  In particular items that were lost, damaged, and destroyed.  As you can see, it was over a $10,000 increase from going through and searching for missing reimbursements.  Click to enlarge: 

Reimbursement Comparison December 15

The amount of reimbursements you receive will vary based on your sales volume.  If you have been selling on Amazon for more than a few months, I am willing to bet there is some money out there waiting for you.  Let’s get into the options so you can start recovering this cash:

Free options:

There are a few blog posts out there that walk you through step by step how to get reimbursements for some of the methods you can get reimbursements.   

Here is a link to my blog post on getting reimbursed for “Other Customer Concession” refunds

Here is a link to a post I did on how to make sure you are properly reimbursed when customers exchange items they purchased from you

Here is a link to a post Jessica Larrew did that walks you through how to get money back for items that were lost, damaged, or destroyed by Amazon while being stored in Fulfillment by Amazon Warehouses 

No upfront cost services:

I am currently aware of 3 different services that provide an automated method of getting reimbursements.  These services will obtain access to your Amazon account, and can sift through the data automatically to quickly identify which items  you are owed reimbursements for.  All of the ones included here are completely free to sign up and then their fees are based on the amount of reimbursements they get for you.  

AMZsuite.com – They charge $1.50 for each successful reimbursement transaction.  

Refunds Manager – They charge 25% of the amount recovered in reimbursements. 

AMZrefund.com – They charge 8% of the amount of the expected reimbursements.  

I have not used any of these services personally, but have talked to happy users from all 3.  With these services you do have to be careful as they are getting access to your account, and some are even opening cases on your behalf.  My goal with this post is to make sure you know what your options are, so make sure you are comfortable with the access level these companies receive prior to signing up.   

A Step by Step Guide eBook:

If you are looking for a one time upfront cost with no recurring fees, then The Complete Guide to FBA Reimbursements might be a good option for you.  This is an eBook that I put together with 10 different step by step methods for obtaining reimbursements.  Here is a screenshot of the table of contents so you can see what’s included (click to enlarge):

Complete Guide to FBA Reimbursements Table of Contents


This guide walks through exactly how to identify each issue, how to open cases with Amazon, and examples of the text to use when opening a case with Amazon.  It lays out my full process for obtaining reimbursements, and it comes with the guarantee that if you don’t get more in reimbursements than you pay for the guide, I will issue a full refund.   

Many readers of this book have emailed me letting me know they have received hundreds in reimbursements, and some have even received thousands.  One of my favorite uses a reader has done though is send the book directly to a virtual assistant on their team, and had them use the book to successfully obtain reimbursements for them.  In 2016, I have hired several virtual assistants as well.  I eventually plan to get them involved in the reimbursements process for my business.  Personally I have had the best luck hiring through onlinejobs.ph for the virtual assistants on my team.  Most speak quality english and the level of work is very impressive.  

Monthly Account Management Services:

The last category of options is from monthly account service providers.  These 2 services both have what I would consider other “primary focuses,” but they offer the service of helping to obtain reimbursements as well.  Both of these services are currently $250/month, so they aren’t going to be a fit for everyone, but they may free up significant amounts of your time each month to more than justify the cost.  It’s also worth noting that they don’t charge a percentage of the amount recovered, they are just a fixed monthly fee.

Cynthia Stine’s Get Clean Stay Clean Service – This service is focused primarily on maintaining your seller account health, and ensuring you avoid getting suspended.  One of the other benefits is that they help with reimbursements.  You can find the full details on their website. 

Solutions 4 Ecommerce Amazon Account Managements Service – This service is primarily for helping you deal with inactive listings, stranded inventory, feedback monitoring, and unfulfillable inventory.  They do help with reimbursements as well.  You can find the full details of the service on their website.

I have not used either of the above account management services personally, as I have members of my team that now help with these aspects.  I have spoken to happy users of both services, and as mentioned previously the goal of this post is to outline every option I am aware of to making sure you are getting the reimbursements you deserve.

That’s every method that I am aware of.  With 7 different options outlined here, hopefully one of them will help you.  It doesn’t matter to me which method you use, it just matters that you are getting your reimbursements! 

What method are you using to obtain reimbursements? Do you have experience with any of these service providers that you would like to share? Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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