An Accountant in 2013, a Full-Time Online Seller in 2014

An Accountant in 2013, a Full-Time Online Seller in 2014

On September 20th 2013, I quit my full time job to pursue selling online full time.  I was intending to release this post exactly on the one year mark, but I don’t think anything is really lost releasing it a few days late.

I can still remember my last day quite vividly.  It consisted primarily of many well wishes from co-workers, wrapping up last minute projects, and transitioning clients to the next lucky person assigned.

I was able to leave for the day around 1:30PM. I gathered up my laptop, iPad, and other company supplies, dropped them off with Human Resources and was one step closer to being unemployed/unemployable.  I walked out of the HR office, down the elevator, out the door onto the street and the feeling of freedom started to hit me.  As I began to walk down the street to the parking lot where my car was parked, it was invigorating to think about the possibilities that the future held.  Along with an occasional voice inside my head saying “Ryan, are you crazy?”

On this walk (it was about a 4 block walk) I notice that one of the senior partners and a manager from the office are walking down the street heading in my direction returning to work from lunch.  This was the same senior partner who talked me into staying at the firm when I was considering quitting my job 9 months prior, primarily by striking fear and doubt into me at that time.  There was no (well maybe a little) fear and doubt on September 20, 2013.  As I approached them I couldn’t suppress a huge smile which they were able to pretty clearly interpret as a sign that I was pretty excited about the new journey I was about to begin.  They commented on the smile signifying I must know what I am doing, we shake hands, and I complete my walk back to my car, I drive home, and am out of the corporate world.

Stepping away from my job was without too much doubt the single greatest choice that I have made in my life thus far.  It has proved to be a good decision financially as can be seen from the financial results posts that I share, but an even greater benefit is simply the freedom.

The freedom of being self-employed is what I value the most.  I am able to work when I want, take time off whenever I want, and I am compensated based on my results.  At my prior job, including sick days, I was given 21 days off per year.  Without a doubt I have taken more than 21 days off so far this year.  On the flip side of the coin, I have worked many weekends, and there have been a few days where I put in 15+ hours working on various projects that I have going.  The beauty of it is that I enjoy what I am working on, and I can do it on my time.

I know this isn’t my typical type of post, but I wanted to share this story as it shows how much can change in just one year.  One year ago I had a full time job, several years’ experience selling online part-time, and a strong desire to be self-employed.  This desire to be self-employed was one of the largest drivers of quitting my job.  If you want more insight into my mindset at the time, you can read my very first post if you haven’t already: Walking Away From 50K.

Now, enough about my story for today, let’s take a look at your own life.

Reflect on the past year of your life and compare your situation today versus one year ago.  Now you can get as deep into the analysis as you want, but the real value in this exercise is analyzing where you’ve been,  and ultimately determining where you want to be.  So, where do you want to be in all aspects of your life in 1 year from now? Really think about this, put a plan in place, and make it happen.  Amazing things can happen in relatively short periods of time.

To everyone who has subscribed and to everyone who has been following my journey, I truly thank you for reading and your support over the past year.  As long as you keep reading, I will keep writing.

If you have any questions/comments, or goals for the next year you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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