Are bluetooth scanners worth it for selling on amazon?

Are bluetooth scanners worth it for selling on amazon?

In today’s post I will begin taking a more in depth look at one of the tools that I am using to help me find products to resell on amazon more efficiently.  Today’s post will be in the form of a youtube video, as I think demonstrating how the product works will be better than just writing about how it works.

So, here’s the video:

In case you are interested, here is a link to the current KDC200 bluetooth scanners that are available on ebay.  I purchased mine about 2 months ago for $299, and the current prices remain in that ballpark.  These are rather expensive so I don’t necessarily recommend them to everyone selling on amazon, but if you are doing decent volume and want to improve your efficiency this is a great tool to look into.  There are some cheaper options out there, but after doing a good amount of research, I decided that a KDC brand scanner would be best for me.

I also recently purchased a closeout lot of open box KDC300 bluetooth scanners that I am willing to sell to readers of this blog (subscribers get first dibs!) for $200 a piece before I begin to sell them on amazon or eBay.  These are open box and fully tested and functional.  The KDC300 is actually one step up from the KDC200, and perform basically the same as the KDC200 with a different type of laser.  The retail price is around $500, but you can usually find them on amazon or ebay for about $300 used.  This is offer is intended for personal use only, and there will be a limit of one per person.  If you are interested in purchasing one just send me an email at

Please let me know in the comments what you thought of the video format, and if you would like to see more videos in the future.  As always if you have any other questions or comments please leave them below or send me an email at

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