Are you looking to shorten the growth curve and learn the strategies I use in my business selling on Amazon to generate over 7 figures in revenue per year? If so, you’ve found the right Amazon selling coach. On this page I will go over the different options that I have available.

Backstage Pass: Work Directly with Me and My Team

This is the most hands on and in depth program that I offer. In this model, I’ll be your Amazon mentor. My team and I will be working directly with you to help you achieve the results you are looking for when it comes to selling on Amazon.  Here’s a look at what’s included:

Backstage Pass to my business–  You will be provided with an in-depth look to my business.  This includes sharing: reports of products I sell, sourcing methods my Amazon business uses, recommended sourcing schedules, regular Amazon coaching calls, and on demand access to me and my team (you will have our cell phone numbers!).  You will learn the strategies that we use to source products across all of the different sourcing models we use. 

2 Day Conference at my location: Once per year you will have the opportunity to come to my location for a conference exclusively for members of this Amazon coaching program.  You will be able to see my warehouse, see how I source, and have 2 days of personalized attention to anything that you need help with in your business.

Online Arbitrage Finds: Every weekday we upload a list of products that fit our sourcing guidelines, and can be purchased to sell online.  These are vetted in advance to give you cherry picked inventory sourcing opportunities.  

Wholesale Leads: We provide lists of products that have potential to be sourced via wholesale.  These are products that fit our sourcing criteria.  We provide the list, and then it’s your job to find a wholesaler and setup an account.  These leads should significantly shorten the lead time it takes to get results with a wholesale sourcing model.   

Partial Brand/Category Application Fee Reimbursement: Certain brands and categories on Amazon now require the payment of a fee in order to be approved.  Anytime you are required to pay one of these fees, I will provide a 50% fee reimbursement in the form of a fee discount.  So if you have to pay a $1,000 fee to get approved for a brand, I will provide a one time $500 discount off of the fees that are charged through my program.

Private Facebook Mastermind Group: You will receive access to a private group specifically for members of this group.  The group is a great place to get questions answered, and interact with other members.  We also share tips and and some of the best deals we come across.    

Monthly Financial Review: Every month, I will take a look at your numbers and make sure you are on track.  I will provide tips for ways to improve and help you reach the profitability levels that you are looking for.  

Access to All Existing Content: There’s almost 2  year’s worth of  webinars exclusively for the coaching program, and tons of content in our private Facebook mastermind group.  You will get full access to all of this when joining the program.

Important note: in this program you will not get access to the wholesale suppliers that I source from in my business.  You will get all of the processes that I use to find these suppliers, but I just want to be perfectly clear that the actual wholesale suppliers won’t be included.  When it comes to retail and online arbitrage, specific products and sources will be shared for those models.  

The above is just a sampling of what’s included, and there are quite a few other benefits as well. As you’re Amazon selling coach, I want you to be wildly successful, and I provide all the tools you need to succeed at selling on Amazon.

In order for this to be a fit, you should be looking to grow your businesses to making a minimum of $10,000 in profit per month, and have access to spend a minimum of $10,000 per month in total on inventory and business expenses.  Only candidates who fit these criteria will be considered.  In addition, it will be geographically limited, and there will be an extremely limited number of spots open nationwide.   The coaching program will use similar to a franchise model, and the fee will be based on results to ensure incentives are completely aligned.  The fees for this program start at $500/month.

Here’s what a couple of our current Amazon coaching clients have to say:

“This coaching program is excellent, we have been in it a little over a year. We were struggling with sales and having problems finding enough products to buy before entering the program. After trying another coaching program and taking a lot of courses, we can say this is the only program that worked for us. Using the systems and techniques taught in the program and a ton of hard work, we grew sales by 400% year over year. We have so much product now that we are starting to hire additional help.

Ryan and his operations manager (Nick) are extremely responsive to questions or concerns. They will speak with you on the phone, e-mail, or respond in their Facebook group. You are encouraged to contact them any way you prefer. We have asked questions almost daily in their Facebook group and usually get replies within hours. They also do weekly hangouts that are mini-courses usually running an hour long covering a lot of different topics as far ranging as repricing strategies and using sponsored ads.”

“I started Ryan’s program November 1st of 2015 with no real experience selling online at all. Now I am about to hit 40,000 in sales for the month of September 2016 alone, working this on a part time basis with a full time job and family. The attention to detail for the specific action steps needed to succeed are very well done by Ryan and his team. There are literally no gaps left uncovered. What’s best, this is a program that is tailored for your specific business, so the personal coaching allows you to ask questions for your specific business needs. There is no other training / coaching that will give you the level of one on one attention and help when you need it.”
– Keith

The initial 15 clients have seen some great success. Everyone who’s been in the program for 1 year or more did at least $100,000 in sales in 2016.  The top client in the program eclipsed $1,000,000 in sales in 2016 for the first time, which was very exciting to be a part of.

The clients we’ve worked with in this program have experience levels ranging from just getting started on Amazon, while some started with sales of around $20,000 per month.   

This is the program for you if you are looking to make a full time income from selling online, and want to have the blueprint of a successful 7 figure business to follow.  Please see below for how you can learn more or apply if this sounds like something you wish to pursue further.  

This program has only been opened up for enrollment twice in the past.  The first time in August of 2015, and the second in September of 2016.  Applications are now being accepted through June 30th of 2017.  

If you are interested in learning more, I did an informational webinar for the last launch, and there is replay of this available now.  If you are interested in learning more, please view the replay of the webinar HERE.

The deadline to apply is Friday June 30th at 5PM CT.  If you are ready to apply to be considered, you can complete the application HERE.

Other Options: 

I do not offer hourly coaching at the present time.  I do this so that I can focus my time on growing my Amazon business, and the coaching program discussed above.

If you aren’t ready for any of the above option above and are looking for complete courses to learn how to sell on amazon, here are a couple of options I recommend looking into:

The first of these is the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. This is a comprehensive course to getting started selling on amazon that also has a ton of content for sellers of all levels.  I have purchased this course and watched a portion of these videos and found them to be quite valuable.  There are literally hundreds of resources included within this program.  Some of these are videos, some are eBooks, and some are short PDF guides.  It really is a plethora of information and I am still working on getting through some of the content on more advanced topics.

The normal price for the course is $349.  Occasionally there are discounts available on this course, not all too often, but occasionally. I will update THIS LINK  anytime there is a discount available.  Anytime there is a discount it simply lowers my affiliate commission to give you a better price on the course.  The course also comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied you can get a full refund.

The second course option is the Amazon Boot Camp “ABC Training Videos” by Jessica Larrew.  I have not personally purchased this course, but I have just about all of Jessica’s eBooks and know them to be high quality.  The course also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the purchase.  Jessica’s course is $299 and you can find out more HERE.

Both of the above would be great options particularly for beginners, but the Proven Amazon Course really has information for more advanced sellers as well.

If you have any questions about coaching please feel free to send me an email: