Monopoly, Hair Rollers, Sweaters, and Potato Chips turn into profits on eBay

Monopoly, Hair Rollers, Sweaters, and Potato Chips turn into profits on eBay

Items to sell on eBay are plentiful! Today I will show you 4 items that I sold very recently, and one from a little while back that many people  thought was ridiculous.  So let’s jump right in.

The first item is a Green Bay Packers Monopoly game that I found at a thrift store for $2.99.  As a Minnesota Vikings fan, it was a little bit difficult to be seen checking out with this item, but it turned into a nice profit.  Here’s the item: Screenshot_2013-12-06-00-52-42After shipping and fees I ended up with a profit of $26.61.  Not bad on a $3 investment, and not to mention that this game was missing one of the monopoly movers and 2 of the houses.  I included all of this in the description, and the buyer has already left positive feedback.

Next up is a set of hair rollers.  I don’t claim to know much about these beyond that they sell for a profit on eBay.  This is also kind of an awkward purchase for a 24 year old guy to make, but I just look at it as dollar signs as opposed to the actual item.  Screenshot_2013-12-06-00-53-00I paid $3.99 for this set, and after shipping and fees made a profit of $7.35.  Shipping was about $14 as this item sold to a buyer in California (about the most expensive place to ship to from Minnesota) so this cut into the profits, but I won’t argue with a nearly 200% return on my investment.

Next up is another Ugly Sweater.  I know I have posted about these once already, but they are easy to find and list.  Here it is: Screenshot_2013-12-06-00-53-15I paid $3.99 for this sweater and afters shipping and fees made a profit of $18.79.  This sweater was a 2XL and sold faster than some of the smaller sizes that I have purchased.  So keep an eye out for 2XL and larger ugly sweaters.

The fourth item, and the second sweater of the day, is a turtleneck  Ralph Lauren sweater.  Take a look: Screenshot_2013-12-06-00-53-49I purchased this item for $4.20, and after shipping and fees made a profit of $12.17.  I included in the description of this item “potential high class ugly sweater” so maybe that helped it sell, or maybe someone just likes wearing turtlenecks.  Either way, it was an easy $12 profit.

The last item for today is one that I sold a few months back.  I sold at least 30 bags of these between eBay and Amazon.  They were the chips from the Lays “Do Us a Flavor” challenge.  The flavors were cheesy garlic bread (the winner), sriracha, and chicken & waffles. They were hard to find at the time, and now discontinued with the exception of the winner.  Some buyers were hooked and willing to pay a premium to get their hands on them.  Take a look at one listing I sold: Screenshot_2013-11-06-16-13-07-updatedThe buyer paid a total of $53.68 for 6 bags of chips, just under $9 a bag!  I was able to find these at Walmart for $2.88 per bag.  After shipping and fees I made a profit of about $16.50 on this order.  Take a look at the feedback I received on this transaction as well, I thought it was kind of funny (click to enlarge):waffles feedbackKeep an eye out for items that are being discontinued.  As can be seen here they can sell for quite a premium over the original list prices.

Hopefully seeing these items gives you some possible ideas for items to sell on eBay, or at least opens your eyes to some of the items that do sell.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  Also, if you have any specific topics you would like me to write a post on, let me know and I will try to make it happen!

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!

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