Outsourcing Sourcing is Here!

Outsourcing Sourcing is Here!

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to announce that I have put together a guide outlining the complete system that I am using to have people I trust source and ship products directly to amazon on my behalf.  It is titled Outsourcing Sourcing and it is available for sale beginning today! The strategies in this guide created over $33,000 in profit for my business in 2014 alone by having friends and family source & ship products directly to amazon for me.  Here’s the cover:

3d cover

The guide covers every aspect of setting up arrangements, training these individuals, the supplies they will need, how to keep track of all of the financial aspects, and much more.

This isn’t your standard eBook that is heavy on theory and low on actionable info.  Outsourcing Sourcing outlines my complete system that I am actually using in my business today.  It includes the 4 different arrangements I have in place for the individuals sourcing for me.  In addition to this, it has the exact buying guidelines that I provide my sourcers when they just get started, as well as the buying guidelines that I give them as they get more advanced.  It includes all of the details in between as well, I held no secrets back.   Here’s a look at the table of contents:

OS Table of Contents

This guide contains no fluff, and is packed into 35 pages full of actionable info.  This is not an ebook based on theory, it is based on my exact strategies that added over $33,000 in profit to my business in 2014.  It covers all of the details from start to finish of setting up mutully beneficial arrangments with people you trust to begin adding profits to your business, and providing them an opportunity for additional income.

Outsourcing Sourcing is available today, comes with a 100% money back guarantee, and contains strategies to provide profits for your business for years to come.  You can check out the sales page and get your copy here!

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