Recent Amazon FBA Sales: Speakers, A Game, A Juicer, and Darth Tater

Recent Amazon FBA Sales: Speakers, A Game, A Juicer, and Darth Tater

In today’s post I will be showing you a selection of 4 FBA sales that I made in the past couple of weeks on items that I no longer have in stock.  I will show you a screenshot of the payment details so that you can see the exact amount of fees on a transaction that utilizes fulfillment by amazon.  These 4 items also represent a fairly significant price range so you can see how the lower priced items have a higher percentage of fees taken out.   I will also provide a link to the amazon detail page if you want to get a better look at the item, or if you would like to see the current price levels.

First up is an AT&T Speaker.  Let’s take a look at the details (click to enlarge, you can do this on images throughout the post):  SpeakerHere is a link to the current listings for this item:  I purchased several of these from a local retailer from their clearance section for $40 a piece.  A few things to note about this item, the FBA per unit fulfillment fee was $4.00 because the item is considered oversize.  On standard size items, this fee is only $1.  Another item to note if you look at the product detail page on amazon is that there is not a sales rank for this item.  When I bought this item, I also checked the prices this item had been selling for in the ebay completed listings, and it was selling for a good price on ebay.  So, I went ahead with the purchase, hoping that it would sell through FBA, and if it did not I would sell them on ebay.  It turns out I was able to sell the ones I bought on amazon, so all worked out well.  Keep in mind throughout this post, that I also had to pay to ship these items into amazon and those costs are not shown in the screenshots.  When shipping into amazon when using FBA you get amazon’s partnered UPS rates, so it is generally a very low price per item, but it is still a cost that needs to be factored in.

The second item for today is a copy of Wits and Wagers that I sold, here are the details: Wits and wagers

I purchased copies of this game on clearance for $9.08 a piece from a local retailer.  Here is a link to the amazon product details page: You can see on this item that the per order fulfillment fee is back down to $1 as it is a standard size item.  You can also see how the fees are a little bit higher percentage of the sales value compared to the higher dollar items.

Next up, is a juicer that sold at the very end of December: JuicerHere is a link to the current amazon listings for this item:  I purchased this item at a local thrift store for $27.99.  This was a used item, and I verified that it worked prior to sending it in to fulfillment by amazon.  You can see from the fees that this item was also considered oversize.  Another item to note is that this sold very close to the beginning of the New Year.  A juicer is an item that could be a part of many people’s resolution to eat healthier, lose weight, etc, and people are buying items that will help them accomplish their resolutions.  I have noticed that several health related items have sold recently after sitting for a few months, and I believe that this is because of the New Years resolutions that people are making.  So keep resolutions in mind when you are out looking for items to resell.

The last item for today is a Playskool Darth Tater.  This is a Star Wars Darth Vader version of Mr. Potato Head, take a look: Darth TaterHere is a link to the current amazon detail page:  I purchased this item for the full retail price of $9.99 at a local retailer in December.  At the time I bought these the lowest FBA price was $29.99 and amazon was out of stock.  When my items were received at the warehouse amazon was back in stock with a price of $9.99, and if I matched their price I would lose money.  I decided to try to wait for amazon to sell out, and price my items below the other FBA competition in hopes of selling mine the next time amazon ran out of stock. This plan ended up working out and I was able to see about 40% margins on this item.  However, this is a good example of the risks of buying an item at full retail price to sell on amazon.  When you are looking at the information at any given time, amazon may be out of stock, but could restock the items before you are able to get yours to the warehouse.  As a result of this I try to have a wide mix of products for sale on amazon as opposed to purchasing a bunch of any one individual product to mitigate the risk of amazon or another seller selling at a price that would not be profitable for me.

Hopefully from these 4 items you can get an idea of the large variety of products that are able to be sold through amazon fba for a profit, as well as get a little insight into my reasoning for purchasing products.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future blog posts you would like to see, please leave a comment below.  Or send me an email at  Thanks for reading!

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