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Welcome to the Online Selling Experiment Website!

This site has documented by journey from quitting my job in September of 2013 to building a full time business that does over 7 figures in revenue per year.  This page is designed to give you a good starting point here on this blog.

Depending on your experience level, there are certain posts that I would recommend starting with compared to others.  There’s certain posts that I recommend reading for everyone, certain posts for beginners, and certain posts for more advanced sellers.  Over time, I’d encourage you to check out all of the posts on the site, but this page should give you a good starting point.  

Financial Results Posts:

I believe these posts are great for anyone to read through.  It shows how my business grew from basically just getting started in September of 2013 to doing over 6 figures in sales per month. My hope is that these posts provide some motivation, and also help give insight into the financial aspects of selling on Amazon .    

In particular, I’d recommend reading through my financial results from September 2013 through June of 2015.  

You can get started with the first results posts here:

Or if you want to read the post for my best month ever (over $225,000 in sales) during the time I was posting the results posts, you can read that here:

If you’d prefer to download a PDF that has all of the financial results posts in one document, you can download that HERE.  

Just Getting Started Sellers, you haven’t sold any items on Amazon yet or you’ve only sold a few items so far:

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Amazon – How to Get Started Selling on Amazon

Guide to Creating your first Amazon FBA Shipment

What would I do with $1,000 and no prior knowledge of FBA?

10 Tips for Sellers Just Getting Started Selling on Amazon

What Return on Investment should I look for when selling on Amazon?

If you’re really serious about starting an online business, you can learn everything you need to know in my self-paced course, Make Your First $1,000 Selling on Amazon. From setting up your seller account to finding profitable inventory to getting the right legal protection — it’s all here. Learn more now.

More Advanced Sellers, you already know the basics of selling on Amazon:

The story of my Amazon Seller Account being temporarily suspended

Business Structure I use for selling on Amazon and eBay

A list of all of the tools and services I use to sell on Amazon

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Online Arbitrage

Understanding Sales Tax for FBA Sellers

Buying an existing Shopify Store

How to Get a Free Year of UPS Smart Pickups

7 Options to Obtain Reimbursements from Amazon

The above are some great links to get started here on this site. To make sure you stay up to date on all of the best content from Online Selling Experiment, make sure to subscribe using the form at the bottom right hand section of this page.