5 Items I sold using Fulfillment by Amazon in December 2014

5 Items I sold using Fulfillment by Amazon in December 2014

Hope everyone had a great holiday selling season!  This is only my second blog post of the month as I was putting in many more hours than usual related to selling online due to the increased opportunity around Christmas.  I will be sharing my December results in early 2015, and you will be able to see if the increased time and effort correlated to increased sales/profits.

One of the more frequent questions that I get related to selling on amazon is “What do you sell?”  The usual answer is anything that makes a profit, but in today’s post I will be sharing 5 specific products that I sold during December and am now out of stock on.  I picked 5 products across several different categories that encompass a variety of price points to provide an idea of the types of products that I am usually selling.  I will also be including a screenshot from amazon to show the sales price and payout, and will include a link to the product if you would like to take a closer look at the current landscape and how the pricing has changed since the date I sold the items.

The first item I will be covering in today’s post is a Hello Kitty Soap Pump from the Home & Kitchen category, this was purchased at a retail store for $3.50, here is the sales screenshot (click to enlarge, same goes for all screenshots in this post): HK SoapAfter all of the amazon fees and the cost of the item, the profit on this item was $8.29.  Here is a link to the product on amazon if you want to get a better look:

The second item I will be showing today is a Day Timer 2015 calender page refill from the Office Products category on amazon.  This was purchased at an office supply store that was closing for $6.50, and sold for: Day Timer RefillAfter all of the shipping and fees this item ended up in a profit of $10.82.   Here’s a link to the product on amazon:

The third item for today is a stainless steel roasting pan from the Kitchen & Dining Category on amazon.  This item was purchased for $5.78 from an online store, and sold for: Roasting PanAfter all of the amazon fees and the buy cost of the item, this resulted in a profit of $4.99.  Here’s a link to the current amazon listing, and if you end up taking a look, it looks like I could have held out for a higher selling price:

Next, we’ll take a look at a Laser Peg item from the toy category on amazon.  This item was included in the purchase of pallet of liquidation toys during the summer of 2014, with an average buy cost of $1.50.  Here’s the amazon sales screenshot for this item: Laser Pegs BugAfter the amazon fees and the buy cost, the profit on this item was $8.67.  Here’s the amazon link:

The final product that we will take a look at for today is an HP Printer that was purchased at a retail store for $21.59 and is in the Electronics category on amazon, here’s the sales screenshot: HP PrinterThis item sold for $79.99 and was a profit of $40.78 after the amazon fees and the buy cost of the item.  Here’s a link to the product currently on amazon:

In total that is 5 different products from 5 different categories on amazon and sourced from a large variety of locations.  In this post I have shown 5 products on which I made solid profits and return on investments, but keep in mind that not all of the products that I sell end up being profitable.  I will do a post in early 2015 showing some items that I lost money on.

You also may want to look at the amazon product pages for each of the items (especially if you are not reading this post right after I published it) above and see the current pricing, look at the current sales rank, number of sellers, and potentially look at price/rank history on sites such as Keepa and camelcamelcamel, as over time all of these factors will be changing.

Hopefully this helps provide some concrete examples and you find this post useful.  If you have any questions or comments, please share them below!

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